A downloadable game for Windows

Collect all the orbs, hunt the very enemies that chased you before and evolve.

Game made for the Weekly Game Jam #100


WindowsNoEditor.zip 90 MB


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Hey! This is fun. It's like the Spore cell stage, but different. I wish there wasn't a fixed amount of food each cycle, and that the enemies didn't get so much harder each cycle. It's fun to get through a few waves though.

Thanks Alex! Totally agree with your feedback, appreciate your input!


Love all the polish work that went into this. The UI looks fantastic, background parallaxing is a really nice touch. Seems well balanced, though I only made it through a few waves.

I didn't understand at first that I could eat the enemies during the red phase. I think the red phase also might end a bit too abruptly to react in time.


Hey Thoof, thanks for the kind words. Those are fair criticisms! I would have liked to convey more what the player had to do in "hunt mode". Let's hope next time I figure out that stuff!